Strength of a Woman

Every woman, as the embo-diment of Shakti, has three aspects to her – Creation (janani), Preservation and Destruction. Suppression of any of the three asp... Continue Reading


Vivekanand In Present Times


Makar Sakranti

A Taste Of Hell
Guru An Enigma

Dhyan makes us stable, say ki...

What we are exposed to in childhood goes a long way in deciding what we become; there is a reason why the early years of life are called ...

For men may come and men may go,...

The Third World War, they say, will be fought over water. About 2 months back, the Maldivian capital came to a standstil...


Imbalance – Cause of Disease

The pleasures and the miseries of life are the experiences of the soul – through the body. Ayurveda defines body as something that is ... Continue Reading

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Anti-biotic alert

Doctors commonly treat bacterial infections with antibiotics. When one drug doesn’t work, they try another. A growing chorus of resear... Continue Reading


Cows in Scriptures

Of the three heinous crimes enumerated in the Shaastras, Gau Hatya (cow slaughter) is one (Rigveda 7.56.17). The ones who think this to be o... Continue Reading


Divine Diagnosis

There are certain things that cannot be explained medically, not even by experienced doctors, something I have grown to realise in the last ... Continue Reading


Mumbai Magic

I grew up listening to stories of gods and goddesses, energies that run this creation, but never really thought they were more than stories…... Continue Reading